Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool # 9 - Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices

When I use technology in the classroom, it needs to be linked to an objective--a purpose and a focus.  Otherwise the students could be overwhelmed with too much information, chase a rabbit trail, or get distracted by non-educational games and materials.  I need to check that the objective has been reached through some kind of accountability--test, project, recorded assignment, performance, etc.

Once again I was unable to find an interactive website from the list that applies to my field--drama. :-(
But I did find an online radio project that would be challenging to put together in groups.  The iPad and the Macbook could facilitate this project.

I also found an interactive website for Greek Theater from the British Museum that looks cool and informative.  I would love to spend some time learning about Greek Theater then doing a performance project in Grob Stadium since the stadium mimics the Ancient Greek auditorium.

I am planning to download two apps and will continue to look for more.  MTIshows is an app from the publisher of the musicals we perform.  We can look up materials from their shows, hear audio samples, and see where productions of the shows are currently being performed.  I will also download so we can look up correct pronunciations of words--a common concern for actors.

I am also looking forward to see what uses the students will suggest for the devices.  Many have much more experience with technology than I do!

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