Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tool # 11 - Reflections

Several new tools (new to me that is) are currently my favorites--Diigo and my RSS feed.  I am able to find and organize so much more relevant (to drama) information now.  I will be able to pull up articles and point students to helpful sites.

For example, I didn't realize that another Roald Dahl book has been made into a musical.  On my RSS feed there is an article about the Royal Shakespeare's production of Matilda.  Since we are doing Willy Wonka (also by Roald Dahl), Matilda will be an interesting production to follow (coming to New York in March of 2013). The web has an overwhelming amount of information--much of it irrelevant or untrustworthy.  Having tools to sift through and sort the helpful information will be a useful time saver and an effective research tool.

I can't say my thinking about the 21st learner was transformed, but ramped up for sure.  My subject, theater, is aesthetic and hands on.  Technology will not change the basic way we work as performers and crew, but it will enhance our endeavors.  The digital devices will give us access to new information and new experts.  I hope they will also inspire the students to work harder and be more creative.

I was surprised by how easy and fun a blog can be.  I'm sure I would enjoy it even more if there were comments and conversations as well.  I wonder if a blog for each Cornerstone Players show would help the collaborative process that is so important in theater.  Or would a wiki be better?  Obviously I have more to learn about 21st century technology and web tools (I'm hoping to learn more on Atomic Learning), but I can imagine the ideas the students have could be enhanced by other student contributions.  We have so little time in class to discuss and collaborate.  An online tool could give us a platform for virtual design and choreography discussions.


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