Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool # 8 - Look at the Tools

I am very excited to have computers available to my students.  In the past they have borrowed my laptop to do research, type documents, create props, etc.  The mobility of the devices will be ideal for my situation--moving from the classroom to the auditorium.

I have downloaded Dragon Dictation to my iTunes. But since I don't have the iPad yet, I can't sync and try out the app.  I'm very familiar with iPhone Apps, but I'm sure there will be much more to explore on the iPad.  I am looking forward to Garage Band as well as others.

I also am excited to have the camera on the iPad in my theatre classes.  We can document the progress of building the sets, and we can film actors and dancers so they can improve their performances.

Because I will have only a limited number of devices--not enough for every student--students will have limited access.  Since the auditorium is spread out, one of my guidelines will be to have the students using devices remain in a public, visible place.  Also, if they work in groups, I will assign a group leader who is responsible to protect, monitor, and put away the device.

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